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The Mighty Lemon Drops, And Also The Trees & The Chills, 12 avril 1987, London, Town & Coutry Club

 Setlist (And Also The Trees) :

1. A Room Lives In Lucy

2. Twilight Pool

3. Vincent Crane

4. The Critical Distance

5. Virus Meadow

6. Wallpaper Dying

7. The renegade

8. Slow Pulse Boy


And Also The Trees, Another Country, 26 mai 1988, Rennes, Ubu


 Une guitare avec un son de synthé et des garçons aux habits victoriens.

Setlist :

1. La Unica Strada

2. Shaletown

3. Millpond years

4. Gone… like the swallows

5. Vincent Craine

6. Maps in her wrists and arms

7. Count Jefferey

8. Virus Meadow

9. The house of the heart

10. The Sandstone man

11. A room lives in Lucy

12. Simple Tom and the Ghost of Jenny Baily

13. Slow Pulse Boy

14. Shantell

15. Scarlet arch

Scarlet Arch (version studio)




The Cure, And Also The Trees, 26 avril 1984, Edinburgh, Playhouse Theatre

Setlist :


shake dog shake
play for today
the drowning man
wailing wall
piggy in the mirror
the empty world
the hanging garden
three imaginary boys
one hundred years
give me it
a forest
the top

Encore 1:

the caterpillar
the walk

Encore 2:

the figurehead
10.15 saturday night
killing an arab