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Factory : from Joy Division to Happy Mondays

Documentaire BBC 4 (Chris Rodley) – 2007


Mark Cooper, Executive Producer:

« Factory: Manchester from Joy Division to Happy Mondays is a film that’s needed making for a long time. The director Chris Rodley and I waited for Tony Wilson to be well enough to give us one of his last interviews – and a substantial one – about his greatest achievement. Hopefully the film is a fitting tribute to Tony but it is also essentially a human comedy about a gang of 5 misfits, 3 great bands – Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays – and one of Britain’s first superclubs.

« It’s about the transformation of Manchester and that unique Mancunian blend of imagination, dry wit, flair for pop music and hatred of pretension. Where else would art school conceptualists and middle-class situationists combine with working-class Mancunian would-be musicians to such devastating effect? »


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