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The Sugarcubes, 7 mars 1992, London, Brixton Academy

Setlist :

01 Gold
02 Deus
03 Tidal Wave (Partly Icelandic)
04 Lucky Night
05 Dear Plastic (Cassette flip after this?)
06 Leash Called Love
07 Coldsweat
08 Birthday (First verses in Icelandic)
09 Mama
10 Regina (something funny seems to go on during this)
11 Walkabout (three guys in the front are removed by security? Björk seems to struggle not to laugh)
12 Hit
13 Chihuahua
14 Blue Eyed Pop
15 Hetero Scum (Björk bursts into laughter in the mid again)

1st Encore:
16 Vitamin
17 Delicious Demon

2nd Encore:
18 Motorcrash (with quite improvised lyrics)