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Radiohead, 7 juillet 2001, Oxford, South Park

Setlist :

1. The National Anthem
2. Airbag
3. Morning Bell
4. Lucky
5. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
6. My Iron Lung
7. Exit Music
8. Knives Out
9. No Surprises
10. Dollars and Cents
11. Street Spirit
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

17. Fake Plastic Trees
18. Karma Police
19. You and Whose Army
20. How To Disappear Completely

2nd Encore
21. Talk Show Host
22. The Bends
3rd Encore
23. Motion Picture Soundtrack (only played intro…)
24. Creep


Radiohead, 12 avril 1998, Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens

Setlist :

  1. Meeting in the aisle
  2. Airbag
  3. Karma Police
  4. The bends
  5. Exit Music (For A Film)
  6. Climbing Up The Walls
  7. Just
  8. Subterranean Homesick Alien
    This is for the people sitting in ’the Greys and Greens’. (les sièges au fond et en haut)
  9. Lucky
  10. My Iron Lung
  11. Planet Telex
  12. No surprises
  13. Lurgee
  14. The trickster
  15. Talk show host
  16. Bones This song is currently being dedicated every night to Bill Gates, the most paranoid man in the universe.
  17. Paranoid Android
  18. Street Spirit
  19. How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found
  20. Fake Plastic Trees
  21. Pearly* This is for Spiritualized.
  22. The tourist

Radiohead, Massive Attack, Teenage Fan Club, 21 juin 1997, Dublin, Royal Dublin Showgrounds

Setlist (Radiohead) :

my iron lung
exit music (for a film)
planet telex
talk show host
fake plastic trees
paranoid android
karma police
nice dream
climbing up the walls
no surprises
the bends

1st Encore:
street spirit (fade out)
the tourist

2nd Encore:
high & dry

Raiohead, Sigur Ros, 2 septembre 2000, Newport, Tredegar House

Setlist :

Karma Police
Morning Bell
The National Anthem
Street Spirit
My Iron Lung
In Limbo
Knives Out
Climbing Up the Walls
No Surprises
Dollars and Cents
Exit Music
Paranoid Android
Everything In Its Right Place

I Might Be Wrong
Fake Plastic Trees
The Bends
Egyptian Song

2nd Encore:
How to Disappear Completely

Radiohead, Asian Dub Foundation, 3 décembre 2003, Dublin, Point Theatre

Setlist :

there there
were i end and you begin
fake plastic trees
paranoid android
i will
i might be wrong
climbing up the walls
my iron lung
national anthem
sit down stand up
no suprises
the gloaming
go to sleep
how to disappear completely

like spinning plates
karma police
everything in its right place

Radiohead, Willy Mason, 13 mai 2006, Blackpool, Empress Ballroom


Setlist :

01 Everything In Its Right Place
02 The National Anthem
03 2+2=5
04 15 Step
05 Morning Bell
06 Pyramid Song
07 Go Slowly
08 Bangers And Mash
09 Dollars And Cents
10 How To Disappear Completely
11 Nude
12 Karma Police
13 You And Whose Army?
14 Airbag
15 Spooks
16 Idioteque
17 There There

Encore 1:

18 Just
19 4 Minute Warning
20 The Bends
21 Street Spirit

Encore 2:

22 I Want None Of This
23 Paranoid Android